Innovative BioSolutions is a consulting firm focused exclusively on the life sciences and healthcare. 

With global experience in Asia, Europe and USA, complemented by a thorough understanding of markets, deep knowledge of industry and a strong network of researchers, customers, vendors and suppliers in emerging markets, we are the go-to resource for organizations looking to make smart and intelligent business decisions on global strategy.

Our customer centric approach combined with robust customer and competitor information enables us to provide you with candid, fact based assessments and recommendations and support you in market entry. We present actionable data for companies to implement a seamless emerging market strategy. 

Strategize, Evaluate, Assess & Identify Key Market Opportunities and Dynamics


strategic planning

Import and Export Compliance

Partner financial viability

Impact of local political events on business environment

Understand risk vs benefit from region to country to local province

risk management

Market entry roadmap

​Partner Strategy - Buy vs Joint Decision Tree

Analysing & Maximizing government investment incentives - Opportunity or Commitment ?

Competitor Analysis

Primary and Secondary markets

Market Entry Strategy

Segmentation and Price elasticity

Customer interviews and Focus groups

expert analysis