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distributor evaluation & selection platform

Is this company the 'right' distribution partner for my company's products?

A distributor can be an invaluable channel partner to rapidly penetrate new markets while minimizing direct capital investment and leveraging risk. 

​However, very often, companies that enter global markets do so with minimal due diligence and evaluation of their channel partners. This can have ramifications on  brand reputation, customer satisfaction and loyalty which all lead to decreasing market share and revenue. 

What is our approach?

Innovative BioSolutions presents a comprehensive Distributor Identification, Evaluation & Selection Platform ​ for  suppliers, manufacturers and service providers assessing new markets or regions for growth or re-evaluating their current distribution partnership. This rigorous assessment platform provides a set of tools to screen multiple distributors before selection and partnership. 

Going global for the first time? If your ‘go-to market strategy’ is licensing your product or technology to a local distributor, picking the right one is key to a successful market entry and growth plan that impacts global brand, customer perception and sales.

We research and recommend distributors based on client’s product/service profile, our experience and knowledge of the marketplace as we take a tiered and phased approach to Distributor Selection.

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