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partnerships and collaboration

A metric based approach to identify, evaluate and select distributors, vendors and partners for organizations as you establish your footprint globally. Read on..

With several global markets to choose from, we work with you to help identify and prioritize where the best market opportunities exist for your products or services. It is a high level overview of market landscape, trends, customer and competitive information, etc. which will help target and identify select market/s for a deeper dive and analysis.

                    Go To market strategy

How do you determine what is the appropriate route to entering a global market? Should you continue to export to international customers based on demand? Or maybe it is time to license your products and services to a local distributor due to increasing inquiries and orders from that country? Alternately, establish a joint venture with a local partner for production and/or distribution to better navigate the market? Why not set up a wholly-owned subsidiary? In addition, what should be the pricing strategy and how do you reach your target customers? These are some of the decisions that executives are challenged with. We can help!

​       ​Aerial snapshot of global markets

On the ground intelligence, customer and competitive assessment, buying decisions, market needs, partner strategy etc. Read on..

Not clear which market to enter first, ask us about our Aerial snapshot of global markets.

Trying to develop or refine a  Go To market strategy? Please call us!

​​​​We partner with organizations looking to enter global Asian markets and help develop and execute their international strategy. Be it a new market or expanding in existing markets, we can help.